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10 Reasons Why Android Is Preferred Over iOS 7

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When new, colorful, vibrant OSs, like Android and Windows Phone, were making their head ways in to consumer’s psyche, iOS remained nearly still since its debut. iOS 7 is the first attempt by Apple at change. It turned out to be complete aesthetic overhaul of the interface. From the moment you turn on an iPhone running iOS 7, it’s different—every option, every app. The OS also sports amazing features like the Control Center, Lock Screen, Gestures Controls, Slide to Unlock, Touch ID. 

In the mobile market a cold war is going on among Android and iOS for outright supremacy. Android’s success is mainly based on the sales as well as its device options. Even though iOS platform is well built and its security is top-notch, Apple’s iOS is not held in such high regard. Apple’s software has high quality that can be compared to Android but it lacks many features that users find on Android. Now a days a strong reason is required for the user to select an Android device over an iOS one. All said and done, Android can still beat iOS in 10 ways, read on to know them as compiled by Business Insider.

Customization :

Android includes the option to customize your Smartphone according to your taste. You can change your default home screen with vibrant themes. Jelly Bean 4.3 enables you to make different accounts which containing selected apps. This comes in handy when you have kids who get their hands on your handset. In comparison, iOS doesn’t offer customizing option to their users.

Sharing Options :

The new iOS helps the user to share the content of the handset through only a few choices like Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. But Android opens up the endless options for the sharing task. It can list out all the apps that are capable of sharing the content, be it Mail, Whats App or WeChat. The capability also gives the consumers to try out many sharing apps that are flooding the Google Play Store. Android with its endless sharing option is the king in sharing domain.

Notification :

Even if iOS 7 has restored its Notification Centre, Android is still better. Notification Center gets a huge overhaul and things are pretty different in iOS 7. Now you have notifications from the calendar showing what’s coming up, as well as a quick summary of the weather. The overcrowded notification can annoy you. And iOS7 only displays the updates, like new mail or SMS, but you have to go the apps to see the content you just received. However with Android’s notification drawer, you can take action and respond without opening whatever app.

Third-party Software Keyboards :

There not many complaints about the typing experience on iOS 7, but Android still offers more options. Android has more options in keyboard which is not available on iOS. While iOS users depend on default keyboards, Android users can replace the default key board with third party keyboards from Play Store. All Android Jelly Bean versions can have this third party keyboards that are very easy to use and self-explanatory.

Visible File Systems :

As soon as you plug Android device to your PC, a file system will appear on the screen as if you have plugged a memory device. This makes the file transfer easier from one folder to another folder. But iOS device does not give this type of access to all your files. Apple has very tedious method of converting files to the compatible form before they are transferred on to iOS.

Multimedia Ease :

Apple device requires iTunes to load songs to its music player, but Android never cares about the source of the music. Android has music players like Play Music and Power Amp, but even with all the features iOS requires iTunes. Similarly iOS needs iPhoto to access your photo and to transfer them. But Android does not require any software for converting photo or downloading songs just transfer and enjoy.

Images with Contact List :

Android can automatically import photos for your contacts from the contacts email accounts. Which makes it a lot easier to see your friends contact pictures in your virtual address book than it is with iOS 7.

Google Now Trumps Siri :

Google Search is the most preferred search engine by the masses. Google Now is extremely quick and can parse web pages to find the most relevant information. On the other hand, Siri produces results from Microsoft’s Bing search engine. However Siri can be appreciative when it comes to “assistant” commands, like when you want to set up an internal calendar event.

Applications :

Though Google Play doesn’t offer better quality apps than App Store, there are plenty of free apps that can fulfill your specific needs.
Both operating systems include applications that are similar. For instance, signing into Gmail account on iOS gives the same experience as it does on Android. If you are a Gmail user it is better to consider Android, as Google apps work much better on Android than on iOS. As Android boasts a default Gmail account, it is not possible to configure default Gmail account on iOS. Moreover it does not pull in email ID of people you have contacted before. Even though Gmail app is available for download on iOS, it does not run smoothly as on the Android.

Unlock Options :

In Android device, you can unlock the phone to any app you want.,For instance, unlocking can be done from menus likecontacts, messages, camera by using a single unlocking swipe. Even if the finger print scanner on iOS is good enough, it does not have unlock options like Android.

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