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MoonLight Laptop Concept with dual curved Screens

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Presenting an intricate yet organic form, the “Moonlight” by designer Teo Braun is a concept laptop that might never see the light of the day, but definitely deserves your attention. Moonlight laptop is just a concept yet but it is possible to make it today since all the technologies are already exists.  Looking like a moon, the concept laptop comes with duel-curved screens; the bigger measuring 16:9 and the smaller 4:3, allowing the users maintain an ideal distance between the eyes and the laptop screen to reduce eye stress. The lower display of the laptop, apart from working as an annex of the bigger screen or run a mini OS in the background, also becomes a touchscreen and works like a mouse for the system. In addition, the Moonlight features a sensor-controlled frame that lights up in dark to release the stress on your eyes, while a pair of legs lifts the laptop to a comfortable height.
Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar

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