Hi! I‘m Akash. I‘m here to show you how to create webpages and sites using HTML5 and CSS.

HTML is the markup language used to format and display contents for the web and is the basis for almost all content that we surf for our computer and mobile devices today. HTML5 is the newest version of HTML and it represents the newest features and improvements from HTML 4 and the other previous versions before it.
Today’s websites use a lot of different technologies to deliver the rich contents we see on the page. You could use JavaScript and jQuery for interactive and animated elements or PHP and ASP scripts for integrated data applications or you could add rich streaming media like audio or video. But, it’s important to know that all these technologies relay on and are built on top of a solid HTML and CSS foundation. So, learning this will set you up for whatever you want to do on the web.
This course will teach you how to use HTML5 and CSS3 to create web pages and whole sites. Each page in this series will teach you something new and step by step will build an actual website containing easy to read contents, pictures, images, videos and tables of data, menu bars active and links out to other pages and contact form, from scratch using only a text editor and a browser as our creation tools.
This set of lessons begins with the basics so, you don’t need to know anything about HTML and CSS to get started. Each element is explained using simple example so you can understand each element as we create it and then we will practice what we have learnt and build our own website project. We will be assembling it piece by piece as you work through the chapters. We will be covering every little detail of HTML coding, by the end of the series you should know more than enough to start creating website and exploring more on your own. As we go along, I’ll try to give you some advice about good web design and I’ll be adding some technical hints and tips that I have learnt in my own projects. 
So, let’s get started.

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Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar

Akash Kumar is an enthusiastic Graphics Designer, Website Designer, Android Developer and Web Development Enthusiast with love for technology.

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