Akash Kumar

Hello, I’m Akash Kumar a digital designer from India focusing on UI design.

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I’m a Web & Graphics Designer who started designing from the age of 14 and ever since then continuously learning new things to improve my skills. Having 7+ years experience in UI/UX, Web and Graphics Designing, I have learnt a lot which I can share.



Websites, UI/UX, Branding, Graphics and many more.

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Google Assistant Go

Google Assistant Go now on Play Store

Google announced the Android Go initiative last year in May at I/O. A less intensive version of the OS optimized for cheap phones with little…
Google’s Mobile Search UI Redesign Analysis by Tech Scholar
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Google Mobile Search UI Redesign

If you’ve searched for anything on your phone today you might have noticed that Google’s mobile homepage and search result pages look a little different.…
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